Best Keyboards for Gaming

The keyboard for gaming makes great difference to the utilization of the computer. Because picking the right keyboard for gaming means you can have much comforts as you can while browsing the web, writing up a paper, or socializing with friends.

But, the variety of it lead to the confusion we may get stuck in when we make our decision.

This list below is to let you in on the top rated keyboards for gaming based on quality and price. May you enjoy your shopping here.

Best Keyboards for Gaming Ratings

Perixx PX-1100, Backlit Keyboard - Red/Blue/Purple Illuminated Keys - Gaming Style Sollid 3.5lbs Design - Rubber Painting Surface - 20 Million Key-press Lifecycle - Brightness Control Wheel - 6 Feet Long Cable - Adjustable Palm rest

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Keyboards for Gaming Reviews
  • “You can select the colors that you prefer and the intensity of the lighting.” – jla01
  • “Very sturdy and the keys are light and responsive, is this what they call mechanical feeling?” – Cheesehead
  • “The palm rest is great too.” – J. Phillips

Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display

Give yourself the advantage you need to win. Giving you an arsenal of advanced gaming technology, the Logitech G19 gaming keyboard is the first Logitech keyboard to feature a color GamePanel LCD.

Consumer Reports
  • “That being said, its still pretty awesome to watch a video on YouTube on the LCD screen of the keyboard.” – deadz007
  • “Software to program the keyboard colors and macros is easy to use once installed.” – Jack Eagle
  • “Same issue its not the board its the keyboards issue and Logitech refuses to fix the issue.” – Alexander Jock

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510

The Logitech gaming keyboard g510 gives you the tools and Intel you need to win, putting you control of the game with a game panel lcd, custom backlighting*, and integrated usb audio.

Consumer Reports
  • “The key backlighting has customizable color that is bound to macro keysets.” – Yu-jin Chia
  • “On the side of all of the G series keyboards is a row of G-keys, which allowed you to do a variety of things, like program specific key strokes or even develop macros.” – Terry Mesnard
  • “The keys are very responsive and the feel is good.” – Frank

E-Blue Combatant-X Advanced Gaming Keyboard

The blue LED cold fluid system is built in in the keyboard and the illumination is scattered around the central cobra emblem to create a mysterious magical effect.

Product Research
  • “Very Styling, great response, and it has pretty blue lights, i enjoy the exotic feeling of the keyboard!” – jordan ebbers
  • “So at times it may get annoying, but it is not a big deal.” – K.Hanes
  • “I think they’re supposed to let you see them easier in the dark, but with the LED lights, it’s difficult to see the keys at all.” – Jiem Thungc

Razer DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard

Your fingers can move quickly between the keys, ensuring your entire master plan for gaming domination is executed instantly.

Buyers Guide
  • “Highly recommend it for any gamer which is looking for a awesome gaming keyboard.” – Edgar German
  • “Keys are very responsive.” – Patch Rowcester
  • “It’s very fast, lights are great, you can adjust gaming mode and how dim or bright you want the green LED light.” – chiapetx1

Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Buying Guides
  • “The backlight is a nice red and easy on the eyes, while also having three light settings, off, dim, semibright, and bright.” – Jared
  • “The keys also have a very solid and responsive feel.” – Oscar R. Cantu
  • “There is also a dedicated calculator key and programmable macros useful for gaming.” – K. Mohammed

Thermaltake eSports KNUCKER Plunger Gaming Keyboard (KB-KNK008US)

KNUCKER pro-gaming keyboard is designed with Tt eSPORTS’ brilliant research in keycap switch development, successfully installing the plunger-switch into KNUCKER keyboard.

Corsair Vengeance K60 Performance FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (CH-9000004-NA)

The Corsair Vengeance K60 is a premium mechanical keyboard designed for high performance First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming. It features Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches which are of the best of the best key switches and coveted by gamers.

Product Research
  • “I love the style of this keyboard, its very solid, well built and looks really slick with the brushed aluminum.” – sonicd0012
  • “After looking around for some time for a good mechanical gaming keyboard that I could justify buying this one definitely caught my attention.” – Derek Klingman
  • “Overall pretty awesome keyboard it feels really nice to press the keys and they have a satisfying “click.”" – Jay Incarnate

Perixx PX-1000, Backlit Gaming Keyboard - Red Illuminated Backlight Keys - Full Size Layout - Piano Black - 40/60/80 Words per Second input - Game Lock Keys - 4 Level Brightness Adjustment - 6 Feet Long Cable

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Product Comparisons
  • “It’s a super nice, pretty, responsive keyboard.” – Mordit
  • “The shiny piano black is really sharp and attractive.” – 01Rogue
  • “The lighting is bright but not too much so.” – Thomas J. Landry

Razer Battlefield 4 BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow’s mechanical key technology provides a distinctive tactile feedback in form of a light pronounced tap to your fingers giving you an entirely new feel on your keyboard.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Love the feel and sound of the mechanical keys clicking.” – Brandon Brown
  • “GOOD: -Very sturdy and feels of high quality -Sound and feel of the keys when typing!” – Nathan Mays
  • “The reason why I give this product one star is because the durability of this mechanical keyboard is crap.” – Thomas Balotte

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