Computer Keyboard with Lighted Keys

A computer keyboard with lighted keys which works well will promise you comfortable and effective typing.

So you should make sure the one you are to buy have no quality problems before you make your decision, basing on which, we have made a list where you can find the highest quality computer keyboard with lighted keys.

I dare to say there is no where you can find a computer keyboard with lighted keys which works better than those shown here. Happy shopping.

Best Computer Keyboard with Lighted Keys on the Market

Keys U See Large Print US English USB Wired Keyboard - Yellow Keys with Large Black Print Characters / Letters (US English)

With letter characters larger than usual and command keys in a larger bolder font, these high-contrast keys can really help those who have trouble seeing keyboards.

Customer Reviews
  • “The contrast of the BRIGHT yellow keys and black letters makes everything easy to see.” – Kay Butler
  • “I hope the product fulfills the implied warranty.” – Henry
  • “This Keyboard is wonderful, I can see all the letters, and everything is laid out like my old key board.” – Dee

Keys-U-See Large Print USB Wired Computer Keyboard (Yellow Keys with Black Letters) Great for Visually Impaired Individuals - Senior Citizens in Low and Dim Lighted Areas - Seniors with Poor Vision

With letter characters larger than usual and command keys in a larger bolder font, these high-contrast keys can really help those who have trouble seeing keyboards.

Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard (KB505U)

The KB505U backlight provides a great solution for those who need that extra help seeing the keyboard in low light. The large print makes the letters easily identifiable and the keyboard backlight can also be cycled through 3 different colors to fit your mood or preference.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It lights up to be three different colors red, blue or purple very cool and easy to see the large letters.” – pcgeek
  • “Nice feel and very sturdy. the keys are nice and big and lit well.” – Bob’s Computer Service
  • “Too often I had to backspace to put in the letter that wasn’t typed even though I pressed the keys hard in hopes that all the letters would work.” – Patricia B. Duncan

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

With laser-etched, backlit keys you can see easily in any light, a sleek look, and comfortable, fluid typing, the logitech wireless illuminated keyboard k800 delivers a brilliant typing experience-day or night.

Buying Guides
  • “The feel of the keys is great, and the keyboard is very comfortable.” – Rick
  • “The illuminated keyboard is so nice in a dim room and you can adjust the brightness or turn it off.” – NOCTURNALTRUCKER
  • “This is one of the best keyboards I have ever worked with.” – MollyDawg

New and Improved EZSee by DC Large Print English QWERTY Keyboard - Vivid Black Letters on Yellow BackGround Keys - Wired USB Connection - For Visually Impaired, Weak Vision in Low Lighted Areas

Standard Warranty: 1 YearManufacturer/Supplier: Ergoguys, LLCManufacturer Part Number: CD-1038Brand Name: ErgoguysProduct Model: Ezsee LowProduct Name: Ezsee Low Vision Keyboard Large Print Yellow KeysMarketing Information: Designed with large, bold black letters on yellow keys; the ‘EZ See’ keyboard is ideal for senior and low vision computer users and is ideal for low light environments.

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting

Bright, laser-etched, backlit keys provide precise illumination that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The ultra-thin, 9.3 mm profile adds an elegant touch to any desk.

Consumer Reports
  • “The laptop type keys feel great and are very quiet.” – Rodney G. Dahlgren
  • “I like it dark in my room at nights and the illuminated keys give just the right amount of light without being overpoweringly bright.” – Ezekiel
  • “This isn’t necessarily a problem, just takes a little bit of getting used to to have your fingers all typing like below the space bar.” – Nathan Claycamp

Saitek Eclipse II Backlit Keyboard (PK02AU)
Mad Catz

True-vu key illumination in 3 colors blue red & purple 104-key keyboard features patented blue led key illumination & backlighting zero-slope design & adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort features plug-&-play design with usb connector variable lighting levels compatible with windows 98/se/me/2000/xp silver & black finish features black keys with laser-cut lettering.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It’s a very well lighted keys of which you can change the colors from blue, red and purple.” – Elvis A. Presley Jr.
  • “Great keyboard and would recommend it to anyone, gamer or not.” – Alex
  • “I bought another one for my wife a year after we got married because she loved my keyboard so much.” – Compucidal

New and Improved: EZSee by DC - Large Print Computer Keyboard USB Wired (Yellow Keys with Black Jumbo Oversized Print Letters) for Visually Impaired Individuals, Low Vision, or Low Light for Seniors and People with Bad Vision! Imposing Vivid Black Over-sized Letters on Yellow Background Tested to Deliver the BEST CONTRAST for the Visually Challenged Persons

Big Keys Keyboard has been designed specifically for those with conditions that cause visual impairment or low vision, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.

Consumer Reports
  • “I would recommend it to anyone who has a vision problem.” – Nancy Cole
  • “I can really see them now with the larger keys and the yellow color.” – Barbara Myers
  • “Because of illness, I was unable to get to the post office to return it before the expiration date.” – Penny

Ivation Seven Color Adjustable Letter Illuminated Large Print Full Size Multimedia Computer Keyboard - Gentle, Crisp & Clear Multi-Colored LED Lights Illuminate Each Key

This LED Backlit keyboard is the most innovative idea for anyone with extensive computer use. No more eye stress, the clear and sharp contrasted non-glare LED lighted keys and large bold lettering relieves the common strain on your eyes.

Product Reviews
  • “With this lighted key board I can see every key even in the dark and it works perfectly.” – Jimbo
  • “This is a very nice keyboard with a good feel.” – Edward B. Keeley, Jr.
  • “I am going to return.” – Dr. Jones

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard

The HP Wireless Elite Keyboard combines style and high-tech key design to deliver an ultra-thin design and silent operation. Built-to-last the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard provides full featured keyboard to complement any PC system at an affordable price.

Consumer Reports
  • “The keys are soft to the touch, very quiet, and as others have compared it – it really does feel like you are typing on a full size laptop keyboard.” – Heath L. Buckmaster
  • “GREAT connectivity, and GREAT battery life.” – David Ryan Kreisel
  • “If you strike it just right, it makes no more noise than any other key.” – Doak Procter

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