Illuminated Computer Keyboards

Having a good illuminated computer keyboard means that what you input in it shows up on your screen as fast as possible, so choosing a good illuminated computer keyboard is crucial.

Know little about the illuminated computer keyboards, so that have no idea how to choose the good one? Don’t worry. We will provide you many featured illuminated computer keyboards for you to choose from.

It I am pretty sure will help you a lot. Happy shopping.

Best Illuminated Computer Keyboards in the World

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

With laser-etched, backlit keys you can see easily in any light, a sleek look, and comfortable, fluid typing, the logitech wireless illuminated keyboard k800 delivers a brilliant typing experience-day or night.

Expert Advice
  • “The feel of the keys is great, and the keyboard is very comfortable.” – Rick
  • “The illuminated keyboard is so nice in a dim room and you can adjust the brightness or turn it off.” – NOCTURNALTRUCKER
  • “This is one of the best keyboards I have ever worked with.” – MollyDawg

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting

Bright, laser-etched, backlit keys provide precise illumination that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The ultra-thin, 9.3 mm profile adds an elegant touch to any desk.

Product Comparisons
  • “The laptop type keys feel great and are very quiet.” – Rodney G. Dahlgren
  • “I like it dark in my room at nights and the illuminated keys give just the right amount of light without being overpoweringly bright.” – Ezekiel
  • “This isn’t necessarily a problem, just takes a little bit of getting used to to have your fingers all typing like below the space bar.” – Nathan Claycamp

Impecca KBL200 Slim Illuminated Keyboard - Large Font - Bright LED Backlit Keys

The KBL200 computer keyboard with LED illuminated keys provides a new spin on regular models. Distinctive characteristics are the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology that illuminates the large font keys to provide the perfect solution for adults with vision impairments, young children, and night-time typing.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The keys are large and well lit and very easy to see in a darkened room.” – Linda M. Jumper
  • “Keys have a nice full-stroke feel and good springiness making it a joy to type on.” – Donald Stovicek
  • “Have only had it for a few weeks so I can’t give a reading on reliablilty but it appears to be well made (in China of course).” – K J

Slim Acrylic Illuminated Backlit USB Computer Keyboard - Blue

The Modtek illuminated USB keyboard provides an elegant and polished style and even better backlighting that is perfect for LAN party gaming and working in other low light condition environments.

Product Research
  • “You can adjust the brightness of the light and even turn it off if you like.” – watergirl
  • “The key feel is very good.” – KEN D CRETEN
  • “The picture does it no justice.” – jmp4me

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones - Black

Introducing the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 – performance shines through in style. Enjoy sharp, bright, backlit keys and one touch easy-switching between Bluetooth devices.

  • “It is small enough to carry everywhere with you, yet the keys are full size and feel very good to the touch.” – cac22
  • “Very easy to switch between devices and the battery stays charged for weeks.” – C. Jack Swinden
  • “Great to use with your IPad,tablets,smartphone and laptop.” – Bkayo

Ivation Wireless Letter Illuminated Large Print Full Size Multimedia Computer Keyboard - Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology Works Up To 33 Feet Away - Gentle, Crisp & Clear Blue LED Lights Illuminate Each Key with Adjustable Brightness

This LED Backlit keyboard is the most innovative idea for anyone with extensive computer use. In addition, the wireless freedom adds to its unique comfort and convenience.

Customer Reviews
  • “With this lighted key board I can see every key even in the dark and it works perfectly.” – Jimbo
  • “This is a very nice keyboard with a good feel.” – Edward B. Keeley, Jr.
  • “I am going to return.” – Dr. Jones

Tt eSPORTS Challenger Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, Black (KB-CHL002USB)

Tt eSPORTS CHALLENGER Black Illuminated Gaming Keyboard KB-CHL002USB

2.4 Ghz Wireless Backlit Illuminated USB PC Keyboard - Blue

Displaying a simple yet vivid elegance, this ultra-high quality, illuminated keyboard from Modtek features the ability to switch on a great blue keyboard illumination, even while you are not tied to your PC.

Product Reviews
  • “The lights will stay on if you just follow the instructions!” – Marconiex
  • “Adjustable backlighting works great and the quality feels really good.” – H. Fox
  • “I was kind of turned off and I decided to send it back to the distributor.” – fitness123

Perixx PX-1100, Backlit Keyboard - Red/Blue/Purple Illuminated Keys - Gaming Style Sollid 3.5lbs Design - Rubber Painting Surface - 20 Million Key-press Lifecycle - Brightness Control Wheel - 6 Feet Long Cable - Adjustable Palm rest

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Illuminated Computer Keyboards Reviews
  • “You can select the colors that you prefer and the intensity of the lighting.” – jla01
  • “Very sturdy and the keys are light and responsive, is this what they call mechanical feeling?” – Cheesehead
  • “The palm rest is great too.” – J. Phillips

SHARKK® Backlit Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra-Slim Illuminated Keyboard for iOS / Android / iPad / iPad mini / iPad 4,3,2 / iPhone / Samsung Galaxy Tab / Google Nexus / Windows / Android 3.0 and above / with Built-in lithium battery / 7 Color Options For key Backlights (Backlit Bluetooth, Black)


SHARKK Lifestyle Brand offers consumer accessory solutions across many different categories such as Tablet and phone cases, Keyboards, Batteries, Speakers, Wallets, Cufflinks, Money clips, Collar stays, and various cables.

  • “There’s a solid feel when typing and, even though very light weight, the keyboard has a total quality build.” – Arelunde
  • “I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation.” – S. Lombardo
  • “It’s easy to connect to your iPad after the first time- you just need to turn it on!” – Yinhao Feng

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